Session 13

Start Session

We have found ourselves at a Duergar Fortress

Osmund used invisibility to try to scout out the fortress, but his footprints were spotted in the snow. He tried using his grey bag of tricks as a distraction.

  • Osmund (rolled a 2) pulled out a giant rat.
  • The Duergar guard immediately took a shot at the rat.

There is a tunnel with a frozen stream. We are going to try to take a long rest.

  • Tonlute created 2 small rocks (1 light & 1 voice)
  • Eisen threw the rocks in the opposite direction of the cave to cause a distraction
  • We were able to get successfully into the cave.

Long Rest (Unsuccessful)

The cave is very dark and tight. We are having to crouch. In the middle of the cave in the ceiling there is a well that is bricked up about 25 feet (ca. 8 m).

  • We can use climbing gear to get up the well.
  • Tonlute set up Alarm for the back of the cave.
  • We are about to try to sleep in the cave. We were spotted.
  • One Duergar found us as we are trying to sleep, we were able to dispatch him, but he alarmed the rest of the Duergar fortress.
  • They have a Zombie ogre in a cage

Up the well

Surprise Round

Well climbing order (Eisen, Brundt, Eugene, Osmund, Tonlute)

  • Eisen was able to catch 1 Duergar and the Zombie ogre off guard with his breath weapon.
  • Brundt recklessly attacked
  • Eugene Scared Flame & Spiritual Weapon
  • Osmund used Faerie Fire
  • Tonlute used Tasha’s Caustic Brew on all 3 enemies and was able to cover the 2 Duergar in acid

We were able to dispatch 2 Duergar and the Zombie Ogre.

Entered a store room and found:

  • 2 Scale-mail suits of armor sized for dwarves
  • 2 steel shields
  • 3 war picks
  • 9 javelins
  • 2 climbers kits
  • 2 mess kits

The long Room

2 large Duergar in Scale mail in the back of the room

  • 18 HIT (Armor Class 16)

After dispatching the first Duergar, the second one lowered the portcullis gates, splitting Brundt from the rest of the party

  • Brundt with a savage critical hit was able to kill the Duergar. The Duergar with his dying breath uttered:
    • “Your Doom Soars on Dragon’s Wings”
  • Brundt was able to raise the gates with the same lever

The orb we found is ‘The Northern Orb’ that we are looking for, with a note that reads:

End Session

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