Session 14

We decide to head further into the dungeon

  • We chopped of the head Duergar (Neldar) for proof
  • As we walk in there are confronted by Skeletons being controlled by myconids. (roll initiative)
  • The ceils have rusted shackles and nothing at all
  • Eisen looks out the bars but nothing is coming
  • Brundt used his boomerang to kill the last of the zombies and yelled:

Down the hall there is a square room with 4 separate rooms. We investigate and find:

  • 3 daggers
    • Navigator tools
    • Woodcarving tools
    • 25 pearls (carved)
    • 75 Silver
    • Potion of Healing
    • Fishing tackle

Attempt #2 for long rest….

  • We covered the well with the dead zombies that we just defeated
  • Tonlute uses a ritual to cast alarm on one of the doors.
  • We are finally able to get a goodnights rest

Heading back to Caer-Konig

  • We arrive around lunch looking for Trovus on the way to The Northern Light”
    • Reward: Ale on the house and free room and board.
  • The beads might belong to the curator (Atenas) of the Frozen Outfitters.
    • A family heirloom and very happy to get them back
    • Woodcarving tools: 1 G
      Navigators tools: 5 G

A Stop in Caer-Dineval

  • On our way into town we stopped a townsfolk who let us know that the tavern was boarded up and the speaker has been sick.

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