Session 15

Heading to the Keep

We try to show the guards of the speaker that we are trying to help heal him.

  • The guards are turn us away but is stop by one of the guards. Eugene is the one they are looking for.
  • We are allowed entry to see Kadroth

Kadroth (Tiefling) is wearing an amulet and a clock with the symbol Levistus. The amulets are made of chardalyn. (Knights of the Black Sword)

  • Kadroth believes that our paths are aligned. Believes that the Duergar are being controlled by Asmodeus. Wanting to keep the Duergar from destroying the 10 towns.
    • Kadroth seems to know a lot about Eugene.
    • Osmund pulls the head of the Duergar head from the bag of holding.
    • Eugene helped destroy a cult in Waterdeep?!? He is on the run from the cult for exposing cult practices.
  • Hethyl (soothsayer) may have some interesting information.
    • Xardorok Sunblight wants to destroy the 10 Towns. Has a forge in the spine of the world that is powered by a heart of a red dragon.
    • “if you face Xardorok to soon, you may perish he is stronger than anything you have faced before” she then coughs up blood and dies

The Wet Trout

Meeting Scython in town. We show him the letter we found from the Duergar. Going to check out his ferry.

  • Brundt notices 3 sets of dwarven boot prints on the deck of the ferry.
  • Checking out the boat Tonlute is stabbed by a Duergar. We found a map of the spine of the world that shows the Duergar fortress (Sunblight marked on the map)
  • As we are leaving the boat 3 Duergar approach our location. Battle ensues and we are victorious!

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