Session 16

Back to Easthaven

  • heading to the town hall. Eating food from the cauldron of plenty
    • much paise from the workers
    • No knoll visits
    • nothing of note

Long rest at the White Lady Inn

Heading to find the knolls

  • snow storm w/ only about 20 feet of visibility
    • we see 4 Goliaths ( they know of the rang gang) heading to go fishing. Thuunalakalaga of the Wyrmwood Clan
    • Challenge us to a game. (Little People bowling).
      • Brundt is going to roll Osmund at Eugene
      • They play Bolder, Parchment, Shears
      • Brundt bests the Goliath 2 to 1 in BPS
      • Brundt rolls Osmund (rolls a 9) but a bit off base
        • R:0 G:0
      • Cragscaler rolls Osmund, a finger gets caught in a belt loop and Osmund of rolled way off the side.
        • R:0 G:0
      • Brundt Rolls Osumnd for a second time and rolls true and knocks over Eugene.
        • R:1 G:0
      • Skycaller rolls Osmund true and Eugene tries to hold his ground but is unable.
        • R:1 G:1
      • Eisen THROWS Osumnd at Eugene and just smokes him.
        • R:2 G:1
    • We travel a bit more and make it near the spot marked on the map. We make camp.
      • Tonlute first watch: uneventful
      • Eisen second watch: uneventful
      • Osmund third watch: uneventful
    • We make our way into a Knoll cave and find 4 Knolls around an alter.
    • Osmond cast Shatter on them twice and and turns them into a pink mist.

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