Session 16

Back to Easthaven heading to the town hall. Eating food from the cauldron of plenty much paise from the workers No knoll visits nothing of note Long rest at the White Lady Inn Heading to find the knolls snow storm w/ only about 20 feet of visibility we see 4 Goliaths ( they know of…More

Session 15

Heading to the Keep We try to show the guards of the speaker that we are trying to help heal him. The guards are turn us away but is stop by one of the guards. Eugene is the one they are looking for. We are allowed entry to see Kadroth Kadroth (Tiefling) is wearing an…More


Active: Trovus says there are gnolls on the outside of town living in the chasm at the Spine of the World, South East of town 10 G / Gnoll head Kill Xardorok Sunblight leader of the Duergar Completed: Took care of the Duergar that were stealing things from Caer-Konig Showed the the Duergar head to…More

Session 14

We decide to head further into the dungeon We chopped of the head Duergar (Neldar) for proof As we walk in there are confronted by Skeletons being controlled by myconids. (roll initiative) The ceils have rusted shackles and nothing at all Eisen looks out the bars but nothing is coming Brundt used his boomerang to…More

Session 13

Start Session We have found ourselves at a Duergar Fortress Osmund used invisibility to try to scout out the fortress, but his footprints were spotted in the snow. He tried using his grey bag of tricks as a distraction. Osmund (rolled a 2) pulled out a giant rat. The Duergar guard immediately took a shot…More

Session 3

Our DM wrote a song about our escapades of the previous session. It is a wonderfully excellent portrayal of the events.More

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